Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wyoming so far...

Well :] It's been fun here in wyoming. I took a five hour drive with my grandparents so I could come see jesse and it has been a fun experience so far. Friday we went out to eat at a place called altitudes it was really good!!! Then saturday we woke up and headed to Fort Collins to do some shopping it was pretty fun, but jesse and I both don't like shopping very much. After shopping we headed to Castle Rock, Colorado to go see my grandparents and aunt, uncle, and cousins!!! It was so fun to see my cousins again I hadn't seen them in such a long time. Jesse and I played baseball with the three boys, and then we had a great dinner! It was such a fun day!!! Sunday we went to church and went to the park!!!! later watched a movie and I made Jesse dinner!!! Then Monday(yesterday) we went to quiznos to eat and then went to the wolverine movie!!! It was awesome!!!!! Its been so great! I do miss my family but Jesse and I get to go home this weekend and see both of our families!!!! It's his sister Tabby's birthday today!!!! Happy Birthday!!! We love you!!!

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