Sunday, June 5, 2011


I really need to be better at blogging...sometimes I wonder if my life is even a bit interesting to anyone else. It doesn't really matter if it is or not, because it is to me. It's also a way for me to get my feelings out and express how thankful I am for all the blessing in my life!

I'm excited I'm going to be making a huge change in my life on the 20th of this month!!! After 3 years in daycare I'm starting a new job at America First Credit Union. I felt so lucky to be chosen for the job. I have banked with them ever since I've had an account and have always been pleased with their service. Now I get to try and give that same service back!

We've loved our apartment, but we are ready to move out. Our lease is ending on July 31st and we are going to move in with two great people Kyle and Allyx. They are two of our best friends and we are very thankful that they offered it to us so we could save some money up. It will be hard to move back in with someone, but we know that it will be a good experience for us all.

I've been really struggling with school this summer semester. My mentality is that it's summer and I wanna have fun. Anyways I'm plugging along and when it ends on August 6th I will be done with school for a whole year. I'm pretty excited for that because I really haven't had a break in a while from school, and there is no reason for me to go until I get into my program since I already have my associates degree.

Life is good and I'm just so glad I get to spend it with Jesse. <3