Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kids, Kids, Kids...

Let's just say this week Jesse and I had our share of kids and it was great!!! We got to spend time with some of our nieces and nephews. On Thursday night we went over to Brittany and Jared's to watch the three kids (Rylee, Parker, and Crew) while Brittany and Jared had the chance to go to the Jazz game with her Father. It was a fun night! We ate popcorn and watched Nanny McPhee. I know I'm a nerd, but I love Nanny McPhee :] . Little Crew just slept in our arms the whole time.Here is Rylee and Parker watching the movie!!

Then Saturday night Jesse and I got to take Ryker over night. I was so excited, because I used to babysit him everyday in the summer, and now I work and go to school, and don't get the chance to see him as much!!! We h
ad a really fun time. The first thing we did is make play dough!! I wanted to make the kind where you don't have to cook it over the stove, but i followed the wrong directions and ended up having to, Ryker Helped me make it!
Our Next adventure was coloring.
As you can see Ryker wanted Uncle Jesse to draw a few things on h
is. After coloring we watched a movie and Ryker was cuddled up to Jesse.

With the sleeping over part Ryker did really well. It was his first time sleeping somewhere overnight without his mom and he was a pro!!!

We had some great times this week and I'm thankful for my family :]