Monday, January 24, 2011

Life is not perfect, but it sure is worth it!

I know a have not written for a long time so I have a lot to tell!!! First things first the holidays were great! Jesse and I got to spend so much time with our families, and most importantly each other. Right before my Christmas break Jesse and I had a huge blessing come into our lives. JESSE GOT A NEW JOB! His friend Reed put in a good word for him and now he is at a job with better hours, better pay, and of course better for him because it is more in his field. He is a sheet metal fabricator as of right now. As for me I got to take a nice long break from school. During Christmas break I was also able to apply to the radiology program. Chance of me getting in aren't as high because I don't have my bio-med class done, but there is the little glimpse of hope. I shouldn't get my hopes up, but I would love to get in as soon as possible.

Two other amazing things happened. We were blessed with a beautiful niece (Evie) and a handsome nephew (Crew). The only downfall to this is that it makes me a little baby hungry :)!!

Another blessing that we had happened to us is we were able to get a new car for me, and ended up sailing the van in two hours after we posted it on KSL. My new car is a black Saturn Ion 2003. I love it and am so glad I don't have to worry about my car breaking down on me any moment. It was kind of sad to see the van go though. We've bought it when I was in kindergarten and it has a lot of memories! All in all it was defiantly for the better.My post title mentions that life is not perfect, and as we all know that we hate to admit it! This weekend we were on our way to Crew's baby blessing. We walked out side to find that the passenger window of my car had been broken out. We didn't think the person stole anything until later that night i was looking for my backpack when i realized that it was in the passengers seat the night before and that they had indeed stole it. Some of my books were in there so I've had to order new ones, but it could have been worse right? It just makes me sad that people could just do that. They don't really realize how they affect other peoples lives.

Life is good, I love my husband, my family, and the gospel. Those three things make life worth it!!!!