Friday, December 9, 2011


So this past week has been Crazy with a capital C. Not only did I work a full 5 day week but I job shadowed 12 hours, and well we added a new addition to our family. It would be fun if it was a kid but I'm happy with what we got... a new little puppy! He is an American Bulldog and is about six weeks. I've never had a dog, and to be honest I never really wanted one but I'm glad my husband talked me into it because I'm already in love!
He is a good little puppy. Likes to play and likes to cuddle when he's tired. Sometimes I'm sad that we have to leave him in his kennel for like 8 hours while we are at work...I hope he still loves us despite that. We definitely  love him and want him to be happy!

Friday, December 2, 2011


So I've decided even though I hate the snow (or should I say driving in it), I still love the month of December, and I'm just realizing that it really is one of my favorite months of the whole year. I love that one Holiday can bring so much family's the little moments that make it special. I've already had a few I can think of this year. Every Sunday we go to my parents house to eat dinner and last Sunday me and my sister put up the tree, as well as the other decorations. Jesse who was playing Call of Duty on the Xbox was not to thrilled that my sister and I were blasting Christmas music, and Casey was not all that happy that we were blasting it in his room, :) good thing we didn't care. It was fun spending time with my sister, because I don't get to do that too often. Another thing that I have loved this year happens each Sunday too. Jesse and my Dad have made a tradition to watch a Clint Eastwood movie every Sunday after dinner, so me, my mom, and my sister decided we would watch a Christmas Movie while they enjoy their manly movie. Oh and yes you guessed it those Hallmark Christmas movies, the ones that make you cry, those are what we watch and well...WE LOVE IT! I'm so excited for the rest of this month. One thing that I can't forget to mention about this month is how I'm reminded of how great the gospel is during this time when we celebrate His birth. I've really been struggling with reading my seems so crazy sometimes and I know that's not an excuse...but this month I have made a goal to read my Scriptures every night. Of course this goal will go beyond the month of December, but I know this will be a great time for me to become closer to the Lord. I want him to know I love him, and that I have a testimony of the gospel. I don't know what I would do with out it. The last thing I want to mention is how much I love and miss my mother-in-law I know this Christmas won't be the easiest without her. I miss her warm smile, miss her love for the holiday, I miss her love for the gospel, and I just miss her period. The one thing that will make this better is knowing that she is in Heaven watching over us, celebrating with us, and most of all I know she is happy!