Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Deborah Kay Adams

These pictures here pictures of my beautiful mother-in-law. A courageous, loving, daughter of God ;One that raised six children including my amazing husband. I would just like to share a few memories I have of her. I remember the first time I met her, it was one of Jesse and I's first dates, and I was in the car while he ran in to get something from the house, and she came walking out. I was scared I hoped she'd approve of me. She smiled at me and said hi and my fear disappeared, she was so nice and friendly. The next thing that really sticks out to me is when I was at snow college. I was having a really hard time being away from my family and being away from Jesse. Jesse being the concerned boyfriend he was told his mom, and that night she called me to give me some words of encouragement. Although I don't remember exactly what was said i remember feeling loved, and feeling important she sure had a way of making everyone feel like that. Also at snow college she used to write me letters and send me pictures of Jesse, those letters always cheered me up. Then our wedding came along and I was so happy that she could be there; it was a time where she was feeling a little better and she had a good amount of hair...she was beautiful with or without hair, but I know it meant a lot to her to have it. Another fun thing I remembered was on the first mothers day we were married she gave us a outfit for, well, our future child ha ha. Although we laughed because we were no where near having a kid, it gave me comfort that we had something from her for our first child no matter when that would be. Later on for my birthday I was also lucky enough to receive a childrens book with her voice recorded in it. What a treasure that is going to be for our family. Something that I will always remember is planting flowers with her. I had the chance to do this with her twice, and she had such a love for it. It was amazing to hear all she new about flowers and how dedicated she was to taking care of them, just like her dedication to taking care of her family. There will never be a time where I look at a flower and not think of her. There are so many other things that I could talk about, but these are just a few of my favorite. I Love her and miss her a lot, its hard to think that my children won't get to meet her in this life, but I know she is with them now, and will get to be with them until they come to this earth. What an amazing person, and an amazing example, and what a lucky person I am to be able to be part of her eternal family.