Monday, November 8, 2010


I've been taking a stress management class. Even though I'm getting an A Jesse likes to tell me that I am still getting an F because I am still too stressed all the time. The good thing is I'm improving very much, I know it's going to be a life long struggle for me, but all i can do is try to do better right? Most of you that really know me know that I have been scared of driving since the accident I was in right before I went to high school. I am very proud to say that this has improved much. I've been driving so much and even the freeway doesn't scare me anymore :) but part of my fear came creeping back today. It was raining so much and got me all stressed out thinking that pretty soon I'm going to start having to drive in the snow. UGH driving in the snow is the worst. It scares me. I always just picture me sliding off the road, because I've seen so many cars that do. If you have any suggestions to calm me about this fear I would appreciate it. Tips are welcomed. :) And because I vented to you about my fear I'll be willing to listen about yours!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Life thus far... :]

Can you believe it? I'm updating my blog, and a lot has happened since. I am going to school full time at Weber right now and I'm loving it :) not to mention I get my associates this semester, but I'm actually not going into education anymore. I am going into Radiology to be specific Sonography (ultrasounds) I'm pretty excited!!! Next semester I'm going to take a biomedical core class and after I finish that I get to apply for the program!!!! Jesse's been such a support through this all. Oh ya and married life...well its the best I highly recommend it :)

We finally got our wedding pictures and I'm so excited about them. The ones I posted are jsut a few of them. Another big change is we moved to South Ogden in June, and we are living in a wonderful apartment with a wonderful ward. We really enjoy it. Jesse is doing well at T-mobile and I am loving the ones class at the daycare!!!

We carved pumpkins a week before Halloween with my cousin and her husband, and my friend Jessica and her boyfriend. They turned out really well, and I will post pictures as soon as I get them off of Jesse's phone.Halloween was fun spending it with Jesse. We got to be with all our nieces and nephews, and his brothers and sisters. Jesse's brother and sister-in-law moved from Florida to Salt lake so they are a lot closer and it has been so much fun getting to know Skip and Emma, and their two kids Lily and Eric.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

honeymoon, life, and eternal things...

So after the wedding we made our way down to St. George for our honeymoon. It was so much fun we both loved loved it. We got to go to Zions national park, Brigham young home, and we also had fun just exploring the city, going out to eat, and going to see a movie. Now we are finally settled down and just doing our day to day things, but its so much better to live everyday with the person you love. There is still things to get used to like stealing the blankets from each other every night, but its defiantly worth it. We are excited to visit the temple again. The temple is the most amazing place, and I'm so glad we were able to live our lives so we could be married there. In our sealing we were told to get a calendar and write the day that we would go to the temple each month. I think that is wise counsel that could benefit everyone :]

Thanks again for everyone that supported us...We love you all!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Only 21 days!!!

Life has been on crazy mode for the last couple of months but I have loved all of it. Jesse and I are getting so excited to be married. It will mean no more late nights taking me home...or no more worrying about being apart. We have been apart for at least 80% of our courtship and let me tell you it has been not been easy. Right now he is in Florida working with his brother, i never thought we'd have to do this again, but God has a plan for us and Jesse is doing it for us. All though we have been apart so much I'm thankful we've both been strong and patient enough to endure :] He is defiantly worth it and I feel so lucky to be marrying such a wonderful guy!!!!