Monday, November 8, 2010


I've been taking a stress management class. Even though I'm getting an A Jesse likes to tell me that I am still getting an F because I am still too stressed all the time. The good thing is I'm improving very much, I know it's going to be a life long struggle for me, but all i can do is try to do better right? Most of you that really know me know that I have been scared of driving since the accident I was in right before I went to high school. I am very proud to say that this has improved much. I've been driving so much and even the freeway doesn't scare me anymore :) but part of my fear came creeping back today. It was raining so much and got me all stressed out thinking that pretty soon I'm going to start having to drive in the snow. UGH driving in the snow is the worst. It scares me. I always just picture me sliding off the road, because I've seen so many cars that do. If you have any suggestions to calm me about this fear I would appreciate it. Tips are welcomed. :) And because I vented to you about my fear I'll be willing to listen about yours!!!


  1. Pray! I had to drive last night in the rain/snow on the freeway and I really don't like driving. But! Prayer rocks. It helps a lot. You can do it!

  2. Just breathe :) The more nervous you are, the more likely you'll panic and make a mistake. I hate driving in the snow and I'm super out of practice. I'm always afraid of getting in a wreck snow or not and I find myself constantly praying when I'm in the car. It helps a ton :)

    You can do anything you put your mind to love!

  3. I agree with emily and jess I pray almost everytime I get in the car when there is snow. Also just drive slow just because other people around you maybe going faster you only have to drive as fast as you are comfortable. Also leave places early so you don't feel rushed and can just take your time.

  4. agreeing with everyone else, PRAY! I don't remember if I told you, but I got in a major accident in the canyon last year, and the very thing that kept me sane was praying. It helps the spirit navigate your heart, and calms you down!

    ps I miss you, can we get together sometime?

  5. Hey Kara! I am nervous about the snowy weather driving conditions too. I think I like everyones comments so far. Praying is always great, but the Lord will expect us to be good drivers and do our part. Be alert, and watch out for drivers who are wreckless...stay as far away from other cars as possible. That's what I do. If it means I drive a lot slower, to not get in an accident, then so be it.

    On those lines, my worst fear is dying in an awful would think that being LDS I would be totally okay with dying, but I never want to die in a horrible way. Just in my sleep when I am old. No horrific story to tell. Just a normal death. That is my worst fear.

    Anyway. I am not dying anytime's not my time, but when it is I would like to die a peaceful death.

    Heavenly Father knows us best, so he will protect us when he can.