Sunday, September 20, 2009

We've been apart far to long.

I finally got to see Jesse! It was way to long, I hadn't seen him in almost two months. When I saw him it was great! We got to hang out a lot this weekend, although I do wish it was a longer weekend for me. Friday we went to a BQ at his friends house. We played a bunch of games and it was super fun! He also opened his birthday present that I got him. Saturday we went shopping for his birthday and out to lunch. We then returned to Jared and Brittany's house to eat dinner, and later on we went Rollerskating at classic skating in Layton. Ha I know it's like grade school all over again, but it was so much fun! I loved spending every minute I had with him I have missed him so much, and am going to when I go back to Snow tonight. Hopefully it won't be to long that we will have to stay like this, we are hoping to be toghether soon!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Milky Falls

Tonight was so much fun. Me, Shelby, and Russ drove up to Milky falls. It was pitch black (luckly Russ brought a flash light). We hiked a little to get up to the waterfall and what we could see of it was really pretty!!!! I was so scared we were gonna get lost, but we didn't wich is good cause we were clear up in the moutains. On the ride home we were laughing and having a good time, it was a fun time :]

Friday, September 11, 2009

Long week...but here comes the weekend :]

Ok so my week started off not having a phone. Mine broke and the extra phone I was borrowing, well I forgot the charger. Also I had my first test in courtship and marriage I felt I did pretty good! School all together really just wears ya out!!! Anyone that has been knows what I'm talking about. Work has been going great although today I felt so bad when one of my favorite little boys fell out of a wagon and scraped up his head. I love the kids at the daycare!!! Ha ha two of the older girls on the playground today were kissing a bar pretending like it was there boyfriend...where do they get these ideas? Well anyways it made me laugh a lot. Well I sure miss everyone, and definatly miss Jesse it's been the longest since we've seen each other. :] Hopefully I'll see him soon!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairyteal

Its true, I'm not perfect and either is life, but it's definatly a beautiful life. I stuggle with all the stresses of the world, and all the decisions I have to make, the fact that I am away from the people I love the most, but its still a beautiful life. Everyday I look forward to those little moments I have with the kids in the daycare. Little moments with them make everything I'm doing worth it; and then the time will come when I'll have other precious moments like getting married and having kids of my own. I feel blessed to have a part here on earth. The Lord has belssed me with so much.