Friday, September 11, 2009

Long week...but here comes the weekend :]

Ok so my week started off not having a phone. Mine broke and the extra phone I was borrowing, well I forgot the charger. Also I had my first test in courtship and marriage I felt I did pretty good! School all together really just wears ya out!!! Anyone that has been knows what I'm talking about. Work has been going great although today I felt so bad when one of my favorite little boys fell out of a wagon and scraped up his head. I love the kids at the daycare!!! Ha ha two of the older girls on the playground today were kissing a bar pretending like it was there boyfriend...where do they get these ideas? Well anyways it made me laugh a lot. Well I sure miss everyone, and definatly miss Jesse it's been the longest since we've seen each other. :] Hopefully I'll see him soon!!!

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