Friday, February 27, 2009


So Last Friday we (the service and activity commitee) put on a HUGE activity! We had all you could eat pizza and then Allred came and performed! For those of you that don't know Allred you should definatly look into him if you like acuostic, he was so amazing live!!!!! I got one of cd's and he signed it for me! I was SO excited!

This past week has been way crazy with midterms but I think I got everything undercontrol and I feel a lot better about everything now, because its over!!!!! :] SPRING BREAK NEXT WEEK :]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Valentines Weekend!

Jesse and I finally got to see each other after a month and a half :] The first night he came over(Friday) to my house and saw me we watched Jurassic Park (I know weird), but I was just glad to see him. It was funny because the first thing he said to me was "WOW YOU LOST WEIGHT" i thought he did to, but little does he know I didn't loose any weight. The next day (Valentines Day) we went to his brothers house and I saw his neice and nephew, they have grown so much and are even more cute, i missed them a ton! I also got to see his sister-in-law brittany, his brother, and his other sister and her little boy! I was so happy!!! Later that night we got all dressed up and went to Crystal and Reeds house. The boys made us dinner! After dinner Jesse and I left and he blind folded me and took me to our first date (Miniture golfing at the Family Fun Center) It was a great night and I was really glad I got to see jesse. Its kinda weird though looking back on it, it almost feels like a dream because it was so short! I can't wait to see him again :]

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hey guys!!! I was so happy this weekend I got to come home and see my family for a few days, but I'd have to say it was really weird with out Jesse here :( He is doing great in school and we can't wait tell valentines day so we can see each other! We've been dating almost 10 months now I'd say that was pretty good especially for how long we've spent apart. I think if we can do what we are doing now, we can do anything. This weekend my mom and I watched a show called Fireproof, if you haven't seen it I HIGHLY recommend it. Its about a husband and wife that almost get a divorce, but the husband finds what true love is and everything changes. I loved it because it was so is not always easy like other love story's say it is, it has its challenges. Not only that but it shows how god is an the key to having a happy marriage. It was amazing and me and my mom had a few good tears :] Well I'm a little scared to go back to school because i know how busy I'm gonna be but hopefully it'll just make time go by faster!!! Love you all!