Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Valentines Weekend!

Jesse and I finally got to see each other after a month and a half :] The first night he came over(Friday) to my house and saw me we watched Jurassic Park (I know weird), but I was just glad to see him. It was funny because the first thing he said to me was "WOW YOU LOST WEIGHT" i thought he did to, but little does he know I didn't loose any weight. The next day (Valentines Day) we went to his brothers house and I saw his neice and nephew, they have grown so much and are even more cute, i missed them a ton! I also got to see his sister-in-law brittany, his brother, and his other sister and her little boy! I was so happy!!! Later that night we got all dressed up and went to Crystal and Reeds house. The boys made us dinner! After dinner Jesse and I left and he blind folded me and took me to our first date (Miniture golfing at the Family Fun Center) It was a great night and I was really glad I got to see jesse. Its kinda weird though looking back on it, it almost feels like a dream because it was so short! I can't wait to see him again :]


  1. thats sounds really fun! but my only question is "WHERES THE RING"???????

    Love ya and miss ya

  2. Hahaha. I second that question from your friend Tori! How fun! If you can be happy just watching Jurassic Park together, then you have something really specail. Isnt it funny how you just dont really care what you are doing as long as you both are together?! :D Love Ash

  3. yay for seeing Jesse! :) and I love your new background

  4. Hi Kara,
    Third Ditto! When's the wedding? You two are so cute! How are you liking school? I bet you have a hard time being away from Jesse. Your a sweetheart! Love ya lots
    Aunt Suzie

  5. Hey Beautiful dont you worry to much about it just know that i love you and to all those people who asked about the ring lol let me worry about that:)

  6. Kara, that ring comment was all my mom, remember she is kinda crazy :]. I miss you a ton and wish we were still in the good ol' Country Lane Ward!!! Hope you having tons of fun at school. Love ya