Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hey guys!!! I was so happy this weekend I got to come home and see my family for a few days, but I'd have to say it was really weird with out Jesse here :( He is doing great in school and we can't wait tell valentines day so we can see each other! We've been dating almost 10 months now I'd say that was pretty good especially for how long we've spent apart. I think if we can do what we are doing now, we can do anything. This weekend my mom and I watched a show called Fireproof, if you haven't seen it I HIGHLY recommend it. Its about a husband and wife that almost get a divorce, but the husband finds what true love is and everything changes. I loved it because it was so is not always easy like other love story's say it is, it has its challenges. Not only that but it shows how god is an the key to having a happy marriage. It was amazing and me and my mom had a few good tears :] Well I'm a little scared to go back to school because i know how busy I'm gonna be but hopefully it'll just make time go by faster!!! Love you all!


  1. Hey Kara it was great to see you today. I am glad things are going well for you. I am going to go rent that movie and watch it thanks for the recomendation. Have a good week and I will see and talk to you soon. Love ya, Kel

  2. I have been wanted to see that show! I will have to rent it this weekend. Glad you were able to go home for a few days! Hope you have a good week:)

  3. I heard about that show! I would love to find that and watch it. I am glad there is another opinion on it too, I think I will go find it!