Saturday, May 1, 2010

honeymoon, life, and eternal things...

So after the wedding we made our way down to St. George for our honeymoon. It was so much fun we both loved loved it. We got to go to Zions national park, Brigham young home, and we also had fun just exploring the city, going out to eat, and going to see a movie. Now we are finally settled down and just doing our day to day things, but its so much better to live everyday with the person you love. There is still things to get used to like stealing the blankets from each other every night, but its defiantly worth it. We are excited to visit the temple again. The temple is the most amazing place, and I'm so glad we were able to live our lives so we could be married there. In our sealing we were told to get a calendar and write the day that we would go to the temple each month. I think that is wise counsel that could benefit everyone :]

Thanks again for everyone that supported us...We love you all!


  1. Yes Kara, I really agree. I felt like a lot of the counsel to you two from the Sealer was directed at everyone in the room! So glad you had a great honeymoon and that you are all settled! As the years go by marriage only gets sweeter and better. You will get used to each other, be able to understand one anothers thinking and just enjoy every moment. You two are so great for each other, and you are such a cute couple! Take care!

  2. That is good advice that the sealer gave you!