Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Job Search...etc

Well I'm back home and it's funny cause I've been busy ever since I got here. The monday I was back home I went out searching for jobs, and that night Kiddie academy (a daycare) called me and I had an interview the next day! :] I'm excited and I hope I get the job. Also I've been cleaning a lot and I babysat the cutest little boy today! Krystal (my roommate) came and saw me today also :) i was so excited and I went to her cousins wedding with her, it was really fun! I like her family alot. Tommorrow my cousin is getting married I'm so happy for her and I am excited to go to the reception. Sat. afternoon me my mom, and my sister, and all the girls from my moms side are going up to park city for a night to celebrate mothers day and my birthday!!! I am so excited. Also I get to go to wyoming to see Jesse on the 15th!!!! I am SO excited!!!! I miss him alot especially with me being home. Well I'll let you guys know how everything goes!!! Love ya'll!!!


  1. Hey, next time hows about not parking your car in the middle of the road!!!! :)

  2. That's great kara! Let me know if you get the job! and I am SO exited for you to get to see Jesse! How are you getting there?

  3. Oh PS... Becky is your best friend, undercover! haha love ya!