Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birthday In Park City!!!

So this past weekend was so much fun. Me my mom, sister, aunt sarah, her kids, and my grandma and grandpa drove an hour on Saturday to spend a night in park city. When we got there we went shopping at the outlets. Me my sister and Sarah all got matching hoodies :] it was fun!!!It was lots of fun then we went back to the hotel and just hung out. Little Trace did not feel good, and I felt really bad for him, but it was nice to see my aunt and her kids even if Trace was not his happiest. I also loved being with my grandparents, mom, and sister. We had ice cream that night and we stayed up to 12 so that we could celebrate 19th birthday a little bit. Then that morning we had a very nice breakfast and headed back home. We had my dads family over that day for mothers day and my birthday! Jesse made sure he told me happy birthday a million times :] but I appreciated it! My great roommates also told me happy birthday my best friend Emily even called me I was very happy about that she is such a sweetheart.
Oh I forgot to put this at the first but I had a picnic with Jillian Kamilla and Emily last week it was really fun and then that night Mia, Mauire, Jessica, and Brittany (my best friends from high school) took me out to dinner at Bajo!!! It was good!!!!!
Then yesterday Jesses mom, sister-in-law and sister took me out to eat for my birthday!!! It was so sweet of them and I love them all.
Also Jesse and I have been running every night starting this monday and it's kinda a competition so it has been fun! But the most exciting thing of all is I get to go see him this Friday!!! My grandma and grandpa are taking me up there because they are going to colorado to visit my uncle and his family!!!!
Life is so great and I'm enjoying every minute of my summer. I've been also enjoying reading books, and especially the ensign and my scriptures. If you haven't got the new ensign with the talks from conference in it yet I highly recommend doing so!!!! Well I love you all but I'm going to go to bed!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you Cousin!! We love you over here in Callie. We wish we could have been at your birthday bash. Things like that make me want to pack up and head to Utah...maybe we will this summer. :)