Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life is much to be thankful for!

So when I was on spring break I got to go down to the Draper temple open house! It was amazing and so beautiful. My very favorite part was the sealing room it was beautiful, and I'd have to admit the bride's dressing room was one of my favorites :] . It was such an awesome experience to go in and see it and there was a strong spirit even though it had not yet been dedicated. All spring break I got to spend time with my family and it was just so amazing! Now I'm back and school and the weather has been AWESOME lately! So this weekend my roommates decided to go layout on her grandma's porch, well lets just say I'm no longer white...just bright pink! Also I got to go to the temple dedication today at my stake center it was so uplifting. Not only have I been so happy about the weather and the temple FRIDAY I GET TO SEE JESSE :] it's been a month and a half and one week CRAZY, but I'm so excited to finally see him and spend some time with him it will be great!!!!


  1. Kara! I am so so so super excited for you to get to see Jesse!!! That will be so wonderful! That weather has been great lately! and we're almost done with school! and we have the gospel of Jesus Christ! and families! :) can life get better?? I submit that it cannot! haha Love ya!

  2. I totaly agree with you and your friend Emily! Life is so amazing! And the gospel just makes it a million times better!!!

  3. I am glad you get to see jesse this weekend! Yay. I am glad things are going to well. Life really is good:) Hope to see you soon!