Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Interesting Weekend...

Well Jesse came here Wed. :] Once again with flowers! It was so sweet and I was so excited to see him! I feel bad how the weekend went but he was very very patient. We did really fun things we watched some movies. Went out to dinner and my favorite part just being together and being able to talk about everything. :] The only bad thing is I was feeling sick the whole weekend. Friday I got a really high fever and we went to the emergency room in Gunnison about 30 min away, to make sure everything was ok. It was weird we went in because of my fever but all they talked about was the bumps on my arms. They gave me some med. and hopefully it will get better. Jesse left saturday afternoon and I've missed Him every since! I love him tons and I thank him for everything he does for me!

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  1. You guys are so in love! :) That was so sweet how he just took care of you all weekend. I love it when a big strong boy who loves me wants to take care of me :) I hope you keep getting better, haha Love you.